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Success — or Failure?

scaleA mother woke up early one morning, feeling rested and refreshed. She started the laundry, dusted the furniture, washed the floor, had her devotions—and all before the kids woke up. She felt great. That feeling continued as no one fought at the breakfast table or cried into their cereal. The rest of the morning went smoothly, lunch was as peaceful as breakfast had been, and all the laundry was folded and put away before supper rolled around.

And she knew it. She’d finally gotten the hang of being a good wife and mother. She went to bed that night with a smile on her face.

The next morning, this same mother woke up ten minutes before school was to start—and to loud noises coming from the kitchen pantry. She skipped brushing her teeth and raced down the hall to find one child eating chocolate while the other two were still in the pantry, fighting over the last cookie. Breakfast was chaotic (no one wanted eggs for dessert), she forgot about laundry until lunch, didn’t have lunch planned so they had breakfast all over again, and quiet time afterward was anything but.

And she knew it. She was a failure as a wife and mother. She went to bed that night realizing she still hadn’t brushed her teeth.

It’s easy to measure one’s worth as a wife or mother by the things we have—or haven’t—accomplished. It’s with a thankful heart that I’m reminded that God’s love for us isn’t based on what kind of day we’re having, but on who He is. His love is unconditional, His mercies new each morning, and His grace sufficient always.

So if your kids had chocolate for breakfast this morning instead of eggs, have no fear. The scales are still tipped in your favor.

~Marge Wiebe


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Too Tired?


My five year old daughter is usually enthusiastic about helping around the house and her frequent response when asked to do something is, “A job? I love jobs!”

The other day, I asked her to pick up the last block from the floor and put it in the toy box. She looked down at the block for a moment and this time her little face was void of any enthusiasm.

“I don’t want to,” she said. “I’m tired.”

“It’s only one block,” I replied. “You’re not that tired.”

To show her I had complete faith in her abilities, I walked into the kitchen as though she’d already completed the task. I waited to see what she’d do, and not more than a minute later, I saw her walking toward the toy box. She was holding the block in her cupped hands, repeating to herself, “I don’t have to do this. I don’t have to do this.”

There are times when I’ve felt God put something on my heart, some prompting within to do a specific thing, to accomplish a certain task, and I’ve responded with, “I can’t do this. I’m not sure I even want to try. I don’t have the strength or the energy. I’m tired.”

Often the things I’ve viewed as monumental and impossible have turned out to be simple blocks. God won’t give us these “blocks” unless He also provides the means and the strength to carry them. We can ignore the blocks or we can pick them up reluctantly, all the while telling ourselves we don’t really have to do this. Me, I’m praying for the strength to embrace whatever God places in my path, for it’s likely He’s building something wonderful with all those blocks.

~Marge Wiebe


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Got Milk?

Glass of Milk pic

Several years ago, my hubby and I were on our way home from a shopping trip. It was late, and we still had some distance to travel, so we stopped at a convenience store for snacks. I told hubby I’d love to try one of those specialty chocolate-flavored drinks.

He returned a few minutes later and said they didn’t have any chocolate so he’d bought vanilla instead. No problem, I said. We were both tired and at this point I wasn’t going to be picky.

I’d never had vanilla milk before and I was surprised at how good it was. Hubby said it was rather sweet and that the vanilla flavor was too strong, but I figured we were getting our money’s worth.

When we arrived home, hubby carried in the shopping bags while I cleaned up the snack wrappers and drink containers. It was then that I took a closer look at what we’d purchased, and made a startling discovery.

It wasn’t milk we’d had earlier. No, the two of us had emptied an entire carton of vanilla-flavored liquid coffee creamer.

We’d fooled ourselves, big time.

Have you ever been fooled in some way, or played a trick on someone else? Especially when the first of April rolls around? I’d love to hear about it!

Laughter is good medicine, especially when parties at either end of a joke can enjoy it together. Sometimes, like in our case, there’s no culprit at all. Here’s to hoping we start off the new month with a little fun—and a lot of laughter.

~Marge Wiebe


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Simple – Right?


I’ve recently had to purchase a mouth guard because I grind my teeth at night. I thought it would be a simple fix… buy the thing, wash the thing, pop the thing into my mouth at night so I could sleep and not have an aching jaw and spasming nerve pain in my head.

Simple, right? (It even said “simple” on the box.) Tweet This

One look at the lengthy set of instructions, however, and I had the inkling all would not be well. This was confirmed a short time later amid boiling water, timers going off, wailing for hubby to help, a mad dash for the bathroom mirror, more wailing for hubby to please come now, and then a redo of the whole process, now with the added pressure that it could only be attempted twice. By the time it was all said and done, I was ready to swallow the thing whole.

Why, then, would I put myself through this ordeal?

The answer to that is the only really simple thing. Pain. The nerve pain in my head was unbearable. It felt as though electric currents were ripping along my scalp, sometimes every thirty seconds. (The boiling, wailing, etc., now seem a minimal problem, yes?)

Despite the pain, or perhaps because of it, I’m reminded of God’s goodness and how much He’s given me. It’s moments like these that I’m grateful, more than ever, for my wonderful husband who truly is my knight in shining armor, and for loving children who, every time I gasped and clutched my head, went racing for paper and crayons to make me get-well cards. Most of all, I’m grateful for my Heavenly Father whose love and mercy are never ending, and who sometimes allows a little discomfort so my eyes will be opened to just how richly He’s blessed me.

Marge Wiebe


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Running the Race

shutterstock_running the raceI crouched at the starting line of the 100-meter sprint, adrenaline rushing around the twisted knot in my stomach and surging through the rest of my body. The starting gun sounded—and we were off. I was shocked to find myself in the lead. I couldn’t believe it. I didn’t expect it to last, given the pounding footsteps that were rapidly gaining. Or were they? I cast a quick glance over my shoulder to see how close the next person was, then whipped my head back around just as I crossed the finish line. My lungs burned, my legs ached, but I’d done it! I’d come in first. I was exhilarated.

My excitement was hastily dispelled when I learned that I’d been, of all things, disqualified from that very race. I’d envisioned myself coming in last, even remaining frozen at the starting line, but this? What could I possibly have done? I hadn’t tripped, elbowed, or otherwise caused harm to my fellow runners. My error was soon brought to light and any confusion was laid to rest, along with my first place ribbon. During the race, when I’d looked over my shoulder to see where the others were, I had stepped out of my lane. Such a small thing, but it was enough to pluck the victory out of my hands.

I’m running another race, and it’s called life. I’ve been given a lane and a prize to focus on, but all too often I find myself looking around at the other runners who seem much more capable and productive. Some jog with ease, hardly breaking a sweat, while others are so far ahead I can’t possibly hope to catch up.  God has a different plan—and a different pace—for each of us. When we start to compare ourselves to others, we leave room for discouragement to hinder our course and perhaps even rob us of blessings. I say run the race God has given you to run, be not moved from your lane, and take the prize when you cross the finish line.

~ Marge Wiebe

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All Things

kid_made_cardA while back, my youngest son came down with the flu. As I sat with him on the couch, gently rubbing his back and bemoaning the fact that he was sick, I was reminded of the verse in Romans that tells us that God works all things together for good. But how, I wondered, could anything good come out of this but for him to be well again?

As the day progressed, my daughters prayed for their brother numerous times. They made him get well cards. They wanted to sit beside him on the couch so they could comfort him too. And the answer to my question was clear. These tender little moments would have been missed if he hadn’t been sick. God gave me a glimpse of how He’s working through my children, and I’m grateful. God is always at work, sometimes in ways we wouldn’t expect, but always, truly, working things for our good.

~Marge Wiebe

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The Perfect Engine

AMarge2 car salesman was showing a vehicle to a potential customer. He confidently pointed out the sleek lines of the car, the amount of chrome, and the brand new tires. Just as he felt the deal was about to close, the customer asked to see under the hood of the car. The salesman popped the hood, and with a too-bright smile, concluded, “The only thing it’s missing is an engine.”

If my life were to be compared to a car, it wouldn’t be the sleek version above. I’d have more than a few rust spots, a major dent or two, and a sagging bumper. The good news? Jesus Christ is the engine of my life. Even if I could accomplish all the fixing, painting, and polishing needed to make the outer frame shine, without Him, I wouldn’t make it off the car lot. My life isn’t perfect. My body often threatens to fall apart. But my engine? It’s going to run forever.

Marge Wiebe

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