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Our Version of the Easter Bunny


Jeff with Athena & trophy 1Rabbits have been a part of my life since I was a kid in 4-H. I raised and showed rabbits on into my adult years. My son grew up going to rabbit shows. I remember him strapped to my back, looking over my shoulder at the show tables and babbling in my ear before he could speak any words. I guess it’s no surprise that he went on to show rabbits in 4-H and even farther than our local open shows, he showed at several National Rabbit Shows.

foxAndRabbitThe breed he chose is called Silver Fox, because their coat closely resembles the fur of a silver fox. These are very large rabbits, adults maturing between 9 and 12 pounds. That makes them larger than many dog breeds!

Showing is only one aspect of raising rabbits. They are also a meat animal. I know … half my readers just swooned. But it’s a fact of life that rabbits feed much of the wild population of animals, and they do a pretty good job of feeding humans as well. Domestic rabbit is 100% white meat that rates even healthier than turkey.

One Easter Sunday morning, many years ago when we attended a church in town, a lady asked me what I was cooking for Easter Dinner. Not thinking anything of it, I told her I was cooking rabbit. I wish I could adequately describe the expression of horror that crossed her face, but the words wouldn’t do it justice. The look was followed by what I can only describe as a screech of the words, “You’re eating the Easter Bunny?” Heads turned from all corners of the narthex.

I’d honestly never thought about it that way.

As I cook another Easter Dinner of rabbit this year, my son will – once again – laugh and recount the story that is now more than 20 years old. Our version of the Easter Bunny will never be confused with the true meaning of Easter and the sacrifice of God’s Son, His resurrection, and the gift of His salvation for all who choose to follow Him. I’m okay with that.

~ Pegg Thomas

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