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Writing What You Love

the-intimidator-and-suzieWhen I started writing – lo, those many years ago – I always heard, “write what you know.” I think that’s good advice for a beginner sticking their toe into the writing world. Learning to write for publication is difficult. It’s work. It’s not the way you were taught to write in high school English class. Not even close. So it makes sense to start writing about things you know, things you don’t need to research.

Once you’re comfortable in the craft, it’s a lot of fun to write what you love. tweet this

I spun my first yarn – the fiber kind – at the age of 16 on an antique great wheel similar to the one in the photo, which I now own. That combined my love of history with my love of creating things from scratch. I was hooked. I purchased a new spinning wheel and started a multi-decade journey of fibers and spinning that included raising both French Angora rabbits and Border Leicester sheep.

My current WIP (work in progress) is a Colonial historical romance involving a woman who spins and weaves beautiful cloth, and a handsome journeyman fuller who finishes her cloth at the fulling mill. I’m once again combining my love of history with my love of creating things from scratch. I’m also spending many hours researching the historical facts. How many people today have ever heard of a fulling mill? How will I make it understandable without dragging down the story? The goal is to bring a bit of history to readers via the romantic journey of the characters, not to overload the reader with historical facts. Still, the history must be correct, or the story falls apart for those who know history.

Writing what you know is the easiest way to begin, but writing what you love is. . .fun!

Debut story will release in April 2017 from Barbour


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New Contract with Barbour!

pegg-signing-2nd-barbour-contract-12-28-16In December I received my second contract from Barbour Publishing. It came one week after I’d told my husband, “If I never sell another manuscript, I’m okay with that. My goal was to write a book and have it published. I’ve done it. It’s off my bucket list.”

Galatians 4:4a – But when the fullness of the time came, God

God’s timing is always perfect. In everything. In the big things and in the littlest things. tweet this

I’d submitted the proposal for In Sheep’s Clothing back in June 2016. It was one of seven stories in a collection called Bouquet of Brides. Six months later, I’d not heard a peep from Barbour. I’d written it off.

God sends His blessings in His time. Generally when we least expect it. How sweet is that?!

Debut story will release in April 2017 from Barbour


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The Moses Conspiracy – Behind The Story

My first dip into the publication pool occurred in 2004 as a non-fiction writer. Devotionals, short articles, and contributions to anthologies followed in rapid succession. This soon gave way to a series of rejections. What??? My research yielded an answer: I needed to use some fiction techniques like dialogue, questions, and storytelling to catch the editors’ and readers’ attention.

As my acceptance rate increased, the thought of writing a book rolled around my mind. I shared the idea with my husband, and we prayed the Lord would direct me.

Around Christmas, my husband had a job near Gettysburg. Our supplier suggested I go along to see the seasonal decorations. As we stood in the historic town square, the combination of old and new melded together. I heard in my spirit the voices of the forefathers as fading echoes.

I shared the experience with my husband. When we arrived home, all efforts to write a poem, non-fiction article, or devotional failed to capture the essence of that moment. I tucked it away, and we sought the Lord for an answer.

On a steamy August day in 2005, we were discussing “the Gettysburg experience,” when my husband made a surprising declaration. “That’s it! That’s your book, and you’ll call it Ghosts of the Past and write it in four months.”

I was sure he’d lost his mind. The more I mulled over his words, the stronger they captivated me. Soon after, I sat down at the computer and started typing. In exactly four months, I had a 55,000-word manuscript.

the-moses-conspiracyThe fairytale version would be immediate publication, but it took eight years to bring the manuscript to publishable quality. In early 2006, my husband was diagnosed with acute lymphoblastic leukemia. My work on the book, now called The Moses Conspiracy, came to a grinding halt as I cared for him.

After he passed away, the last thing I wanted to do was write. As the grief abated, I remembered how much he encouraged me and jumped back into the project. The Moses Conspiracy is dedicated to his memory.

The journey to publication is often long, requiring patience and persistence. Two more books followed the first one, as well as a Christmas novella. My fifth book is currently in the works.

If you’re walking down this road, don’t get discouraged. Learn your craft and produce a quality story for your readers. Someday, I’ll be reading about your debut novel. Happy writing!


To find out more about Susan J. Reinhardt and The Moses Conspiracy, click here. You can also susan-reinhardtpurchase your copy now on Amazon.

A widow, daughter, stepmom, and active church member, Susan resides in Pennsylvania. When not writing, she enjoys spending time with family and friends, reading, couponing, gardening, and finding small treasures in antique shops.


Kara writes layered suspense thrillers and is an ACFW Genesis 2013 Finalist in the Mystery/Suspense/Thriller category.

She’ll also continue to keep you updated on some of the best reads in Christian fiction suspense.

To contact Kara, email her at or by clicking the below link:

@KaraHunt2016 on Twitter

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Under the Knife


The first time I ever heard of Carpal Tunnel Syndrome was almost twenty years ago. My hands would go numb, especially when I rode my mountain bike. I was told there was a surgery to correct it, or I could manage the condition. Never one to jump at having surgery, I did a pretty good job of managing it, even though it was the end of bike riding for me.

But nothing lasts forever. The past two years I’ve known I was getting worse. My hands would go numb while driving. That’s a little freaky at 70 mph on the highway. I had to switch to a roller-ball mouse when using a regular mouse became painful. I’d wake up with numb clubs on the end of each arm in the morning, even with the braces on. I kept dropping things. Like knives. Somehow I’ve avoided skewering my feet, at least. And now it’s gone from just numbness to pain. It’s time.

I need my hands to write!

Thanks to the magic of pre-scheduling blog posts, this post will go live the same morning I’m having surgery on my right hand, which is worse than my left. Yes, of course I’m right-handed. So I may be quiet on social media for a few days, but I expect to be back in full force within the week. Prayers for swift healing are always appreciated!

~ Pegg Thomas

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Debut story will release in April 2017 from Barbour


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Animals & Authors with Michelle Griep

Writing – they say – is a solitary occupation. But is it really? Let’s visit with author Michelle Griep and ask her about her constant companion.

QPQ: Welcome, Michelle! Introduce us to the fuzzy-muzzle of love you’re sharing with us today.

Ada & IMG: I live with a slightly-neurotic . . . wait a minute . . . scratch that. I live with a super-psychotic boxer named Ada Clare. After meeting her mother and father (okay, so, yeah, I’m the psycho here) my husband and I decided to adopt a pup from their litter. We chose the black one. Really she’s brindle, but you can only see brown if the sun shines on her just right. That was 2 ½ years ago and we’ve been loving her ever since.

QPQ: Boxers are such amazing dogs! Since you’re an author and you come up with names all the time, how did you come up with Ada Clare?

MG:I’m a Dickens freak and Bleak House is one of my favorites of his. Ada Clare is a sweet but strong character in that story.

IMG_8963QPQ: I wondered if Bleak House was the inspiration for your Ada Clare! How does Ada help you in your writing?

MG: Being that I live in the frozen tundra of Minnesota, she keeps my feet warm. Or if she lays on them too long, they go numb.

QPQ: Oh my. Can’t relate to that kind of cold! Have you ever written one of your pets into a story?

MG: Not one of mine but one of my mom’s. She seriously had the world’s ugliest dog. In my new release written with co-author Kelly Klepfer, we wrote in a pup that only a mother could love.

IMG_8990QPQ: Let me guess… that would be Fifi The Wonder Dog! Tell us three things you and Ada have in common.

MG: One, we love treats and snoozing. Two, taking walks is one of our favorite things to do. Three, chin whiskers. Oops. Did I say that out loud?

QPQ: Too funny, Michelle! Thank you for visiting here at the Quid Pro Quills. Where can readers find your new release?

MG: For zany fun with the world’s ugliest dog, check out my co-authored release of OUT OF THE FRYING PAN.

Murder in Paradise whips life into a froth for Fern and Zula Hopkins. When the retirement center’s chef is found dead, the two ladies get folded in with the case. Their zany attempts to track down the killer land them in hot water with Detective Jared Flynn. Should he be concerned about their safety—or the criminal’s?

But there are deadly ingredients none of them expect. Drugs. Extortion. International cartels. And worst of all…broken hearts, especially when the Hopkins sisters’ niece KC arrives on the scene.

Life at Sunset Paradise Retirement Village will never be the same.


View More: Griep’s been writing since she first discovered blank wall space and Crayolas. She resides in the frozen tundra of Minnesota, where she teaches history and writing classes for a local high school co-op. Historical romance is her usual haunt, THE CAPTIVE HEART her latest release. Follow her escapades at or or stalk her on Facebook, Twitter, or Pinterest.


~ Jericha Kingston


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Insipid Heroine Disgruntlement Syndrome


He Loves Me – He Loves Me Not

I read quite a bit of historical romance. A lot, actually. Or historical novels with a thread of romance, which is my personal favorite genre, but can be harder to find.

One thing is poking me in the eye every time I read it and causing me to define a new condition:

Insipid Heroine Disgruntlement Syndrome {tweet this}

According to Merriam-Webster, insipid means:
1) lacking taste or savor
2) lacking in qualities that interest, stimulate, or challenge


I’m tired of reading romances where the heroine is a walking, quivering, sniveling mass of insecurity regarding the hero. Honestly, at times I just want to tell the guy that he’d be better off without her. Our heroines need to be made of sterner stuff than this. Here’s a very generic example:

Hero has pursued Heroine for a length of time. Heroine has fallen in love with Hero. Hero has shown and/or expressed his return of such sentiments. Then something happens and instantly Heroine decides that Hero never loved her in the first place. Huh?

We need heroines with a little more grit, a little suck-it-up-buttercup. Not another heroine who falls into an emotional slag heap of epic proportions that result in her doing stupid stuff. Neither dithering angst nor low self-esteem are adequate tension in a story. They just aren’t. There must be more. If that’s all the tension there is then the heroine is … insipid.

So what’s the cure for Insipid Heroine Disgruntlement Syndrome? Write heroines who are interesting, stimulating, and challenge the reader. In a word … make sure your novel has a STORY.

Otherwise I’m going to wave the red flag at the hero, shout at him to save himself from the drama queen, and shut the book.

~ Pegg Thomas

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Good morning suspense fans and welcome to today’s Book Showcase!!! This month you’re in for a special treat. Our suspense feature for the month of July will be a sneak-peak of Christian mystery novel, Crevice by suspense novelist Janice Boekhoff. This book is close to my heart for many reasons and after you’ve read it, it’ll be close to yours too. Save and pre-order your copy now for only $2.99!


Desperate to save her family’s gold mine, Elery Hearst gives an order that results in the tragic death of one of her men. But before she can come to terms with the guilt consuming her, her brother disappears. To find him, she must find the legendary Lost Dutchman gold mine. And the one person who can help, Lucan Milner, has every reason to want her to fail; he’s the twin brother of the miner who died. He holds the secret to finding Elery’s brother, but sharing them with her not only rips open his grief-stricken heart, it puts both of them in the path of a killer.

Janice Boekhoff is a former Research Geologist who pours her love of science and the outdoors into her suspense novels. She is a three-time Janicefinalist in the ACFW Genesis Contest. She writes from Iowa, where she lives with her amazing husband and three feisty kids.

To contact Janice or to find out more about upcoming books in the Earth Hunters Series, click on one of the below links:







Kara writes layered suspense thrillers and is an ACFW Genesis 2013 Finalist in the Mystery/Suspense/Thriller category.Kara

She’ll also continue to keep you updated on some of the best reads in Christian fiction suspense.

To contact Kara, email her at or by clicking the below link:

@KaraHunt2016 on Twitter





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