Christmas Memories

19 Dec

d43e8e98bd5940d6b347f133453aadf5I’m old enough now the things that were popular when I was a kid are coming back in style. Movies, toys, clothing. Some of which were so terrible they should’ve stayed in the past. Every generation can sympathize, I’m sure.

Yesterday, on Facebook, someone had posted a Christmas toy catalog from 1984. What fun to click on the pages and remember the commercialized  items that held me spellbound as a child. You know how kids want everything they see advertized on TV.

This gem here brought back some warm, fuzzy memories. I was five, so it would’ve been Christmas 1987. Strawberry Shortcake was my favorite and if I could just have her dollhouse, I’d never ask for anything again. Christmas morning, my eyes foggy from sleep, I stepped into our living room lit by glass multi-colored tree bulbs and there sat this magnificent, three floor Strawberry Shortcake dollhouse. I was a happy girl.

I played with that dollhouse for several years. It withstood attacks from my brothers Star Wars action figures and Barbie’s constant visits. Memories long forgotten until yesterday.

What was your favorite childhood Christmas gift?


~Candice Sue Patterson writes Modern-Vintage Romance. Visit her website for more information.



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