Under the Knife

03 Oct


The first time I ever heard of Carpal Tunnel Syndrome was almost twenty years ago. My hands would go numb, especially when I rode my mountain bike. I was told there was a surgery to correct it, or I could manage the condition. Never one to jump at having surgery, I did a pretty good job of managing it, even though it was the end of bike riding for me.

But nothing lasts forever. The past two years I’ve known I was getting worse. My hands would go numb while driving. That’s a little freaky at 70 mph on the highway. I had to switch to a roller-ball mouse when using a regular mouse became painful. I’d wake up with numb clubs on the end of each arm in the morning, even with the braces on. I kept dropping things. Like knives. Somehow I’ve avoided skewering my feet, at least. And now it’s gone from just numbness to pain. It’s time.

I need my hands to write!

Thanks to the magic of pre-scheduling blog posts, this post will go live the same morning I’m having surgery on my right hand, which is worse than my left. Yes, of course I’m right-handed. So I may be quiet on social media for a few days, but I expect to be back in full force within the week. Prayers for swift healing are always appreciated!

~ Pegg Thomas

Trooper and Pegg cropped



Debut story will release in April 2017 from Barbour


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