Animals & Authors with Barbara Britton

26 Sep

Writing – they say – is a solitary occupation. But is it? Really?

Today we welcome author Barbara M. Britton.

QPQ: Introduce us to your pets.

BB: My family and I are the proud owners of “the cat that won the lottery.” Her nickname autumn_on_clothes_brittonwas given by the farmer who would have gotten rid of her, but she was too small to find.  Our boys found her under some hay in a barn. We could either take the kitten home, or our friend was going to let his Labrador finish the job–so to speak. Our new addition rode home clinging to my sweater and wondering where all the hay had gone. Now she is an inside cat who is very spoiled.

We also have a leopard gecko which was supposed to die before my son went off to college, but he’s still alive!!! My son will be a junior at UW-Madison this year. I feed him live crickets (the gecko, not my son). And yes, I have to take care of the crickets too.

QPQ: Since you’re an author and you come up with names all the time, how did you come up with your pets’ name?

BB: We named our new kitten (now an older cat) Autumn because it was fall when we found her in the hay loft, and she has an orange spot on the top of her head that looks like a leaf. She is fondly referred to as Autumn Bottom. I like the sound.

halo_britton_blogOur gecko is named Halo after a video game.

QPQ: How do your pets help you in your writing?

BB: Autumn is so cute when she sleeps. She’ll be upside down, or have her paw framing her face. When I take a break from writing, her wacky positions make me smile. She also knows when my boys haven’t put their clothes away and she’ll play queen of the mountain. Writing is a solitary activity most of the time, so I like to have Autumn in the house with me. She can’t talk, but she’ll make me take a break from writing to give her some tuna by trying to rub against my leg.

The cricket keeper is by my office, so I hear chirping while I write. Halo indirectly adds to my writing ambience.

QPQ: Have you ever written one of your pets into your story?

BB: No cats have shown up in my stories. I do reference a gecko or skink in my latest novel as my character has a piece of worn wood that looks like a lizard. Skinks, lizards, and geckos are unclean animals in the Bible. You aren’t supposed to touch them. Oh well, we’ve blown that one.

QPQ: Tell us what you have in common with your pets?

BB: Halo’s heat lamp would be wonderful on a cold Wisconsin day. I’m a fan of warmer weather and so is Halo. He has a heat lamp going 24/7.

Autumn and I are the only girls in my house. I used to refer to my living room as the testosterone zone since I always had boys in my house—my own sons and their friends. Autumn would hide out with me in my office when times got rowdy.

Thank you for letting me brag on my pets. I am so grateful to my readers and bloggers. They can find me in the world-wide web at these locations:





Thanks for joining us today, Barbara! For more on Barbara and her latest providence_h12055_680release Providence: Hannah’s Journey, visit her social media links and


~Candice Sue Patterson


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