Sweet Waters by Julie Carobini

12 Aug

41Hk7xoDmKL._SX325_BO1,204,203,200_Today I’m featuring the third novel in the Women of Heart book bundle, Sweet Waters by best selling author Julie Carobini. I’d never read one of Julie’s books before, so I downloaded it onto my Kindle a few weeks ago, and wow, was I impressed. I thoroughly enjoyed Sweet Waters. The characters were so real that I missed them when I finished the book. I’m eager to read the next story in the series, A Shore Thing.

In this inspirational beach romance, jilted Tara Sweet leaves Missouri to chase after the fairy tale life she and her sisters once knew in Otter Bay. Soon she meets handsome but complicated firefighter Josh Adams and a host of mysterious faces from long ago. But what happens when truth is one secret after another, lies unfold, and the fairy tale turns out to be a soap opera?

Despite the vivid backdrop of their budding romance by the sea, Tara and Josh soon find themselves at odds with their families, their faith, the quirky townspeople of Otter Bay ~ and each other. Can they face the truth together … and be set free?

To sweeten the pot, so to speak, here’s the first chapter of Sweet Waters.

Digest 19, Episode 90

Eliza Carlton knew what she must do. As always. She strode across Sapphire slowly, deliberately, like a cat flaunting its superiority. Though Eliza noticed the sway of diners’ chins moving in her direction, nothing in her face showed her satisfaction.

Maurice Von Otto rose to meet her, his smile appraising, but his eyes altogether something else. If Eliza had to describe them, she would choose muddled. His eyes always shifted when he was trying to manipulate her. “Eliza, darling, you captivate me this evening.”

Nicely done. Eliza paused, allowing Maurice to hold out her chair and then wait patiently behind her, until she had settled herself. She nodded and admired the way he hurried back to his seat. She took in his features, noting his beauty, and for a moment, almost lost composure.

Maurice laid a napkin across his lap, cleared his throat, and leaned forward, as if in hiding. “There is something … something I’ve been hoping to discuss with you, my dear.”

And there’s something I must discuss with you. Now, however, was not the time to reveal secrets. He wanted her alliance. As the boldest city councilwoman ever to grace the chambers of Quartz Point, Eliza knew her vote would be most crucial to the success of his proposed project.

“Another time, Maurice. Tonight”—she let a coy smile curl her painted lips—“is a night for lovers.” 

Maurice opened his mouth, as if to protest, but instead tipped his glass flute of champagne in her direction. A fiery grin found its way to his face. 

No matter that she was much too nauseous for any such nonsense tonight. At the moment, Maurice was exactly where she needed him. Some may call it manipulation, but Eliza maintained it was simply taking control …

The door squeals open, and I slap my laptop shut. My sister Mel leans through the doorway of the quiet office I had borrowed, her mouth twisted into a grimace. “Tara, you’re being paged.”

As usual, Mel darts off before I can answer. Cheerful voices drift in from the garden. Silverware rattles in the bustling kitchen. The pianist I hired warms up with a few bars of “The Wedding March,” and I deflate.

Eliza Carlton wouldn’t let a broken heart rule her. 

I’m tempted to take one more peek at the weekly digest of Quartz Point, the daytime drama of which Eliza is the star, but really, there’s no time left. All I can do now is hope that everything Eliza’s taught me over the years will, somehow, help me make it through this long and trying day.

Oh, you’re going to love this book. I know I did. Preorder your copy of Women of Heart today for just 99 cents.

Robin Patchen lives in Edmond, Oklahoma, with her husband and three teenagers. Her third book, Finding Amanda, released in April, and its prequel, Chasing Amanda, released in July. When Robin isn’t writing or caring for her family, she works as a freelance editor at Robin’s Red Pen, where she specializes in Christian fiction. Read excerpts and find out more at her website,


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4 responses to “Sweet Waters by Julie Carobini

  1. Pegg Thomas

    August 12, 2015 at 6:48 am

    Thanks for the heads up on another good read!


  2. jerichakingston

    August 12, 2015 at 7:47 am

    You know all the great authors, Robin! Thanks for recommending Julie’s Sweet Waters.


  3. juliecarobini

    August 12, 2015 at 5:01 pm

    Thank you for featuring Sweet Waters, lovely Robin! And thanks to Pegg and Jeri for stopping by 🙂



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