Learning to Glean

26 Sep

Are you unable to attend the ACFW Conference this year?file000899618064

Instead of lamenting, let’s glean what we can!

Enjoy conference posts. Conference attendees post thrilling status updates.
Search Twitter. #acfw2014 shares conference tweets from authors and agents.
Get motivated. Use this time to write a new chapter or edit an old one.
Plan ahead. Make a conference list. When you can go, you’ll know what to pack.
Ask others what they enjoy most about conference. I did! Here were the replies:

“The keynote speaker usually says something I need to hear.”
“I enjoy meeting other authors, because we all feel kinship with each other.”
“My favorite thing is the workshops. Everyone seems to be so positive and encouraging.”
“Learning that one thing I really needed to take away. God somehow puts me in the right place at the right time.”
“I’m reminded how much I enjoy the whole process of writing (fiction). It’s that wonderful land of pretend that we love to visit.”
“I love meeting my favorite authors in person! I must admit, at times I get a little star-struck.”

I look forward to the day I’ll attend a conference. Until then, I’ll keep writing, learning, and preparing.

What will you glean from the experience?

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