The Perfect Engine

06 Aug

AMarge2 car salesman was showing a vehicle to a potential customer. He confidently pointed out the sleek lines of the car, the amount of chrome, and the brand new tires. Just as he felt the deal was about to close, the customer asked to see under the hood of the car. The salesman popped the hood, and with a too-bright smile, concluded, “The only thing it’s missing is an engine.”

If my life were to be compared to a car, it wouldn’t be the sleek version above. I’d have more than a few rust spots, a major dent or two, and a sagging bumper. The good news? Jesus Christ is the engine of my life. Even if I could accomplish all the fixing, painting, and polishing needed to make the outer frame shine, without Him, I wouldn’t make it off the car lot. My life isn’t perfect. My body often threatens to fall apart. But my engine? It’s going to run forever.

Marge Wiebe

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