Author Chat with Linda Yezak

20 Jul

Welcome, Linda! Congratulations on the release of your new title, The Cat Lady’s Secret. I’ve read it and I loved it. Quirky characters will always appeal to me and this story is full of them. One of the things I particularly enjoyed was the strong cast of secondary characters. That rounds out a story so much.

Here’s a short excerpt:

I get fairly close, drop to my knees, and start cooing at the critter. Maybe I can coax it out without having to chase it. Sometimes I can do that, if the cat’s not too wild. As I inch toward it, getting dirt and grass stains on my hands and knees, the back door to the courthouse pops open.

The noisiest gaggle of humans knows to man swoops and clatters down the stairs, and the cat takes off.

I struggle to my feet to watch the commotion. Maybe some of these folks will head for the diner and leave Annie a big tip―

Heaven, help me―there are journalists in that group! Press passes big as day displayed on their chests. One of ‘em turns his camera toward me, and I skedaddle before it clicks. If he gets a picture at all, it’ll be a blur of floppy hat, orange t-shirt, and purple polyester pants.

Even that’s too much.

QPQ – As I read this book I wanted to know… how much of the real Linda Yezak is in this story?

LY – I’m a combination of the characters, I guess. Anyone who knows me will see bits of Millie—carefree, nutty, caring, and willing to climb a tree to save a cat. But I reckon I’m part Emily, too—big-hearted, taking everyone at face-value, and sometimes paying the penalty for not being more wary. Clueless. “How did I not see that?” has been one of my life’s themes.

And if I’d given either Emily or Millie the magical ability of walking with a foot in her mouth, I would’ve revealed far too much of myself.

QPQ – It’s fun to “see” the author shine through his or her characters this way. (I think I know a bit about that foot-in-mouth condition myself.)

Emily Taylor is a lady with a closet full of secrets. What is it that draws the reader to her?

LY – Could it be her love of cats? Or her love of old movies? Maybe it’s because she has conned herself into believing that she’s better off alone, in spite of the handsome vet who wants to convince her otherwise.

Or maybe it’s because everyone roots for the healing of a loveable person struggling with a past pain. And, maybe by extension, they’re hoping for their own healing.

QPQ – That’s good stuff, Linda, and so true. Nobody gets very far in life without encountering pain. We can always rejoice when a fellow human overcomes, and take heart that it can happen to us as well.

Who is Millie and how did you come up with her character?

LY – Millie is  . . . Millie. She’s the result of letting my mind out to play beyond the fence and boundaries.  She’s a Purple Hat kind of woman in mismatched polyester and a floppy hat, doing whatever suits her fancy and meeting people head-on. And I want to be just like her when I’m her age.

QPQ – I wouldn’t mind being a Millie when I grow up either.  😉

Scott Barlow is a veterinarian, always a favorite occupation of mine! What is it about him that makes Emily purr?

LY – Ever heard of “meant for each other”? Those two were meant for each other—the attraction started in high school, when Scott was so shy he’d blush at her accidental touch, and his reddened ears always struck her as cute. He’s not quite so shy anymore. He’s actively pursuing her and willing to help her with her cats. What’s not to love?

QPQ – What do you hope readers will take away with them from The Cat Lady’s Secret?

LY – I hope the readers carry with them a picture of forgiveness in action. Forgiveness isn’t an emotion. It’s a decision.  A liberating, closet-clearing decision. It’s not always for the benefit of the one forgiven—although that’s illustrated in the subplot. It’s for the benefit of the forgiver. It’s an opportunity to kick the heart’s trash to the curb and move on. It’s God’s way of keeping our hearts free from hate so there’s more room for love. And when we can’t do it on our own, He provides us His strength, the ability to do it through Him.

I’m preaching.  I’ll stop now.

QPQ – Preaching is allowed here! Thank you for joining the Quid Pro Quills today.

LY – Thanks for letting me share!

QPQ – Please let our readers know where they can find you and your books! And readers can check out my FIVE STAR review of The Cat Lady’s Secret at The Sheepish Scribe.







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