Will Call

17 Jul

Have you ever been unprepared for a check-in?

I’m vacationing this week in a beautiful townhouse at the beach (be happy for me). My check-in process involved a visit to the property manager, who gave me a gate pass and a house key. I drove to the residence gate and was waved in. After I deposited my suitcase and groceries in the townhouse, I left the complex to enjoy the sights. It was dark when I returned, and a few vehicles preceded me at the security gate. Late arrivals checking in.

The guard looked at the pass on the dashboard of the first driver, who was was waved in with a smile. The guard checked the dashboard of the next vehicle, and his smile fell. This driver was denied entrance. She didn’t have a pass from the property manager, so she was turned away.

Will call is a wonderful thing. A person can make a reservation and know that when he arrives at his destination, the owner will have his pass waiting. Maybe property managers borrowed this concept from the Bible, that speaks of a Day–which no one knows–when a great reception will occur. Some will receive a welcome at Heaven’s gate, but many will be turned away. Why will many be turned away? Because they didn’t have a reservation.

Read the spiritual truth found in Matthew 25:1-13. All the virgins wanted to be with the bridegroom, but only some were received by Him. Why were some accepted, yet others turned away? I’d love to hear your thoughts.

~ Jericha Kingston


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