18 Jun

Have you ever heard Oceans by Hillsong UNITED. If not, I urge you to listen to a few minutes of it. I heard it for the first time when I visited a new church a few months ago, and it touched me so deeply, I prayed the words as they scrolled across the screen.

Not thinking that God might actually take me up on it.

In my heart, I agreed with those words. I prayed along with the song–Lord, take me to a place where my feet no longer touch the ground, and I will be fully dependent on you.

I should have thought a little more about what I was saying. If I had, I might have hesitated to make that my prayer.

Eleven days ago, my brother and his wife were in Dallas planning to board a plane for their honeymoon when he started to feel sick. His bride took him to the emergency room, and he’s been fighting for his life ever since. Instead of seven days in Cancun, they’ve had almost two weeks in ICU with no end in sight. Both at his bedside—where I haven’t been nearly enough—and here at home with my family, all I can think of is my brother, those machines tracking his every bodily function, that ventilator regulating his breathing. He is helpless, desperate. And so are those of us who love him.

I understood the metaphor of this song on an intellectual level, but after eleven days of praying for my brother’s survival, I understand it on a new level. Each member of my family is treading water, desperate, struggling to keep our eyes above the waves—the waves of bad news, of negative reports, of pessimistic doctors. The crashing waves of fear and uncertainty. We are struggling to focus on the perfect, immutable God who holds my brother in the palm of his hand, who comforts his bride and each of us who love him.

Today, I praise God for His care, His love, His help. I praise Him because He is good, all the time. And His love covers all of this.

Have you ever been brought to the end of yourself, knowing that God has indeed given you more than you can handle, and only with His help can you keep from drowning? How did you keep your focus on Him and off the circumstances? What did you learn from the situation?

~Robin Patchen

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