Old Lady Rant #217

11 Jun

Pegg4When did we replace the syllable “ant” with the grunt “uah?”  And why?  I hear it most often in the word “important” which is now “importuah.”  Seriously?  What is the reasoning behind this little bit of intellectual laziness?

I’ve yet to see anyone with their tongue in a sling, sprained from the arduous task of pronouncing “ant” or “ent” or even “an.”  I don’t remember teachers when I was in school – which regardless of the rumors consisted of more than one room – slapping rulers on the heads of students who couldn’t pronounce “ant” or “ent” correctly.  We managed the language with narry a grunt for centuries.

So what’s the issue now?  Did this happen with the rise in popularity of tongue studs?  I still believe the more accurate term for those is – permanently attached adult pacifiers.  Oh, excuse me; we can’t say it that way anymore.  Make that permenuahly attached adult pacifiers.

Is rap music the culprit in this particular linguistic shift?  A severe majority of that art form resembles grunting if you ask me.  Not that anyone did…or is likely to.

I fear the grunterization of our language is spreading.  Here in Michigan we have a college whose sports teams are known as the Spartans.  On the radio a few days ago I heard – you see this coming, right? – a sportscaster talk about the Spartuahs.  Oh yeah.  The sportscaster.  Someone who, one would hope, actually graduated from some at least vaguely accredited journalism course.  Perhaps he was even a Spartuah.

~ Pegg Thomas

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