The Nerve

06 Jun
My son had his wisdom teeth removed yesterday. Two of the teeth were impacted and close to the nerve. Though it was painful for my son, the procedure was necessary. Thanks to the surgeon, infection, decay, and bone loss is no longer a worry.
During my son’s post-operative agony, he sat on the couch, clutching an ice pack to his jaw. He rocked back and forth, and then moaned, “I’m glad those teeth are gone.”
How humbling. I would’ve said:
“When will it end?”
“Why me?”
“If I could reach that oral surgeon (fill in the blank).”
When something inside of you is exposed, fractured, and ripped out by the root…when you’re left bleeding and clawing for relief, how do you respond?
Physical trauma isn’t the only catalyst that triggers honest response. Emotional, relational, and spiritual extractions also reveal our character. We either engage in self-pity, anger, and blame, or we respond in faith and gratitude. Painful events are opportunities to trust and glorify God, even when we don’t know the reason for the anguish.

The Great Physician knows what’s needed. He works all things for our good.

~ Jericha Kingston

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