Sunset Moments

04 Jun

sunsetKnow what I love about novels? Well, there are a thousand things, but here’s one: I love that at the end of great novels, all the loose ends are tied up and the problems are solved. I love that “ride off into the sunset” moment, and I love the journey getting there.

I have a friend who will read the last page of a novel before she reads the beginning, because she doesn’t want to waste 300 pages worth of time on a novel if she knows she won’t like how it ends. Not me. I’ve been known to cover the bottom half of a page to keep my anxious eyes from glancing ahead. I love the anticipation, wondering how it’s going to turn out, if it’s going to turn out all right, and how. And in great novels, it always looks like there’s no way it can end happily. And then it does. (If it doesn’t, then I don’t consider that a great novel. I like those happy endings.)

So I would never skip ahead in a novel. But in life? How I would love to read those last couple of pages and see how this is going to turn out—for me and my husband, for our three kids, for all those we love. What will that ride into the sunset look like for us? I see all the obstacles we have in our lives right now, and I wonder—how can these ever work out? God has promised to use all of it for good, because we do love Him so much. But what will that journey look like? Will I be able to handle the next trial? Will I handle it better than I did the last?

It takes faith to go into the unknown, faith to face it with joy and peace. As much as I’d love to skip ahead to that last page, I’ll trust God to take us through each obstacle as they hit and bring us to that sunset moment in His perfect timing.

~Robin Patchen

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