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There comes a point in each parent’s life when their precious little boy or girl becomes – a teenager. It should be pointed out that “teenager” is not necessarily a chronological age. It can be more correctly defined as a growth-induced attitude.

Facial expressions change. Conversation – if it still exists – is reduced to grunts, groans, and words we don’t understand. Physical movement slows or disappears altogether. Tears and tempers erupt at the oddest times.

This is when parents earn their gray hair. During the time of teenagerism, thoughts enter the parent’s head, swirling in previously uncharted gray matter.

“Is this what the human race has been reduced to?”

“Our future is in the hands of. . .this?”

“Perhaps humans should no longer be allowed to reproduce.”

Such thoughts – rest assured – are completely normal. They are a healthy response to the particularly annoying stimuli introduced during teenagerism. After all, when we were that age we never. . .(fill in the blank and stuff your memories in the drawer).

When we are forgiven our sins and washed clean by the blood of Jesus, we are adopted into the family of God. We become His children. His children. Not His adults. And every child must progress on into teenagerism.

When God asks you to step up and clean the church, do you whine about taking out the garbage? When God asks you to help a neighbor mow their yard, do you complain about how hot it is? When God asks you to take a meal to a hurting family, do you grumble about the afternoon spent cooking instead of relaxing? Or do you ignore His voice altogether? Ever wonder if God looks down and yearns for the day when we no longer reproduce?

When our teenagers behave at or above our expectations – how our parental pride soars! Make your Heavenly Father’s pride soar this week. (Don’t make Him count to three!)

~ Pegg Thomas

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