Unanswered Prayer

27 May

Marge6Several years ago, my sister was about to clean her basement apartment when she remembered that the hose for the central vac was with the tenants upstairs. The tenants had moved in a few weeks earlier, and spoke very little English. My sister understood their language, German, but didn’t speak it very well. However, she felt confident she knew enough to make her request known.

She knocked on the door and proceeded to ask for the hose. The tenant stared at her for a moment, then shook her head. My sister spoke louder, emphasizing the word, and demonstrated the length of the hose with her hands. The tenant looked frightened now, and again shook her head. She was about to close the door when my sister realized her error. The word she’d intended to use was “schlauch” which means hose, but what she really said was “schlange” which means snake.

Have you ever asked for something you didn’t receive? When prayers go unanswered we often see it as a negative thing. It’s possible that the things we’re asking for aren’t beneficial to our lives, maybe even disadvantageous. God loves us, and He is without guile. He never withholds anything unless it’s for our good. Perhaps the next time we ask for something and the answer is no, we’ll be thankful, just as my sister was grateful she didn’t receive that snake.

~ Marge Wiebe


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