A Perfect Afternoon

19 May

Pegg6Today was gorgeous, the first truly gorgeous day we’ve had this year of the never-ending winter. I pulled Trooper out of the paddock and spent a half hour de-mudding his shedding winter’s coat. I’d been looking forward to my first ride of Spring for weeks.

I got him cleaned up and ready for the saddle when a Suburban pulled into our driveway. A family with four children piled out to look at the camper we had for sale in our front yard. The oldest child was maybe ten and the youngest no more than four.

Leading Trooper, I joined the family and my husband in the front yard. Three of the children approached, very respectfully. What is it about children – especially girls – and horses? It’s magic.

“Can I pet him?”

“You bet.”

“What’s his name.”


“Is he yours?”

“He sure is.”

“Do you ride him?”

Not today. I already knew I’d never see the top side of my saddle. “Would you like to ride him?”

Blue eyes widened and mouths dropped open.

“Ask your mother for permission. If she gives it, I’ll saddle him up.”

I spent the next hour leading children, two at time with one in the saddle and one behind, around the yard while their parents bought a used pop-up camper from my husband. What a great way to spend an afternoon. I never did see the top side of that saddle, but I sure answered a lot of questions and enjoyed a lot of smiles.

~ Pegg Thomas

photo of Trooper used with his permission

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