Where Are My Manners?

29 Apr

Marge8My oldest two sons are now teenagers, but back in the day when they were just wee lads, we had an incident where my younger son said something unkind to one of my nieces. Not impressed, I asked him where his manners were. He took one look at my raised eyebrow, placed a hand over his little chest, and said very earnestly, “In my heart.”

I remember trying to explain to him that our good intentions are much more meaningful when we act on them. That same little boy is now much taller than I am and sports a mustache. He opens doors for me, carries in the groceries, and patiently listens to me ramble on about my latest work in progress without blinking or rolling an eye. And the question I asked him so long ago—and many times thereafter—I’m now asking myself. Where are my manners? Do I thank my children for all they’ve done? For all they’re still doing?

I’ve definitely got some catching up to do.

~ Marge Wiebe

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Posted by on April 29, 2014 in Marge Wiebe, Parenting


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