Author Chat with Clare Revell

24 Apr

What’s better than conducting an author interview? Sharing the interview with you, of course! Ladies and Gentlemen, I give you Pelican Book Group author, Clare Revell.

JK: Hi, Clare! Thanks for joining the Quid Pro Quills today.

CR: Hi, Jericha. Thank you for inviting me.

JK: Please tell us a bit about your latest release.

CR: My newest book comes out on May 2nd. It’s called Sunday’s Child and is the last in a seven book series.

Sunday’s Child on life seas is tossed, awaiting the lifeboat that rescues the lost…

Hattie Steele feels like the world is passing her by. Her entire life revolves around the guest house she runs in Headley Cross with her overbearing twin brother. He even attempts to undermine her friendship with a handsome guest. Not that famous ex-footballer, Callum Trant would ever give her a second glance. Hoping to regain control of her life, Hattie takes a well-earned holiday with her aunt on Penry Island.

After retiring from football, Callum Trant divides his time between the family business and volunteering as helm officer on a lifeboat. Danger is nothing new for him. But when he’s called out on a shout and finds the beautiful innkeeper from Headley Cross on a sinking vessel, Callum realizes his heart is in danger.

But could Hattie ever forget his womanizing past and feel the same way? Or will a dangerous rescue end the relationship before it’s had time to grow?

JK: When and how did this story materialize? Had you been working on it for weeks or years? What made you write this particular story?

CR: I wrote this one in about six weeks. It involved fun research, including visiting a lifeboat station and interviewing the lifeboat crew. Most of the rescues depicted in the book came from the real life stories they told me. When I first proposed the series, I knew basically what each book was about and I’ve always been fascinated by the work of the RNLI – ever since we visited a lifeboat when I was little and saw it launched. It’s funded purely donations from the public. And all the lifeboat crew are volunteers. And of course, just as people lost in storms at sea need rescuing, people lost in the storms of life need rescuing from the only Lifeboat – Jesus.

JK: What is your heroine’s weakness and strength?

CR: Hattie has a twin brother, Steve. She’s devoted to him, doesn’t like upsetting him, but at the same time hates the controlling influence he has on her life. Her faith is very important to her. And once she sets out to do something, she’ll see it through to the end, no matter what.

JK: If you could rename your hero, what would you name him and why?

CR: Actually, Cal started out life as Blake Trant. Then my nephew asked if he could be a hero in one of my books, as his brother, Luke, was the hero of Monday’s Child. So Blake became Cal. (Blake does get his own book however which is due out either later this year or early next. That one is still in edits.)

JK: What’s next on the shelves from Clare Revell?

CR: I have a full-length romantic suspense called Turned due out this year, along with a passport to Romance novel, both from Pelican Books. And I’m currently working on a 12 book series. Having done the days of the week, I’m now doing the months of the year.

JK: You’ve given us a glimpse of Clare Revell, the author. Now give us a glimpse into Clare Revell, the person. If you were to inherit a large sum of money, what would you do with it and why?

CR: I’d pay the bills. All of them. Without having to pick and choose which we pay and which we don’t so that we can feed the kids. Then I’d give the rest to three charities. Macmillian Cancer Support, Help for Heroes and of course the RNLI.

JK: Is there a special talent you have (other than writing) that you might share with us?

CR: I cross stitch. My latest project has just been finished. It’s the view from where we stay in Scotland and where I am basing October’s novel.

JK: Please tell us where we can find your story.

CR: The only link I have right now is Pelican, which is here –

Sunday’s Child (In Print)

Sunday’s Child (White Rose)

but you can also find me here, too –

Barnes & Noble

Amazon UK


WH Smith

Kobo Books

Angus & Robertson

JK: Thanks for visiting the Quid Pro Quills, Clare! We wish the best for you.

CR: Thank you so much for having me.

~ Jericha Kingston


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