Author Chat with Cynthia Hickey

05 Apr

Welcome to the Quid Pro Quills, Cynthia! Congratulations on the release of your new title,An Unconventional Lady.
Excerpt from An Unconventional Lady:
Miss Attitude marched past him and stood in front of the proprietor. “Mother, how could you? This is my dream.” She pounded one fist on her chest. “Mine. And you went behind my back-” 
I’ll just step into the parlor.” Neither woman glanced his way as he ducked out of sight. Nothing made Dallas skedaddle faster than an upset woman, and he’d managed to step between two of them. And what was the younger one wearing? It looked like a skirt, but was split like pants and was wide. Real wide. His mother would never be caught dead in that getup, and she was active on the ranch.
He set his bags on the floor and tried not to listen to the argument in the next room, wanting to be anywhere but where he was at the moment. Maybe he should go back outside. But that would take him past them again. He sighed and lowered himself onto a flowered sofa.
“You took my idea and went behind my back and hired a man.” The younger woman’s voice rose. “Have you absolutely no confidence in my abilities?”
“Annette, I will not be spoken to in this way. It’s a fine idea, but not one suited for a woman. You need to learn your place in the world.”
Dallas nodded. A true sentiment, indeed.
“And my place is dressed as a fancy crow at El Tovar?”
“If that’s what it takes to teach you how to be a lady, then yes.” Mrs. Rollins’s words were clipped and cold.
Dallas had run across a few Harvey Girls on his travels. The term crow did not suit the women at all. They were refined and mannerly, making a man’s travels easier with their femininity and smiles. But then he’d been told by more than a few women that he possessed backward ideas about a woman’s role in today…

QPQ – Annie Rollins is the unconventional lady in your story. What is it about her that the readers are going to love?

CH – Annie has a dream. One her mother doesn’t agree with. When Annie is sent to work at a nearby hotel, she follows her mother’s wishes, yet keeps her eye on her own dream. When she sees that dream threatened, she finds a way to pursue it, finding out that God had everything planned from the beginning.

QPQ – What is Annie most afraid of?

CH – Disappointing those she loves and not being true to who she is. Sometimes these desires clash.

QPQ – Dallas Baker – with a name like that you just know he’s the hero. What is it about Dallas that gets Annie’s split skirt in a twist?

CH – He gets hired for the job Annie invented.

QPQ – What do you like best about Dallas?

CH – He has a heart the size of the Grand Canyon. When he realizes how he has stepped on Annie’s toes, he does what he can to include her.

QPQ – Aside from the glorious view, what inspired you to set this story on the edge of the Grand Canyon?

CH – I searched for interesting places where Fred Harvey had built his hotels. When I found that one had been built at the Grand Canyon and that it still exists today, I knew one of the books had to be centered in that area.

QPQ – What do you hope readers will take away with them from An Unconventional Lady?

CH – That God has it all in control. When things sometimes look bleak, we need to look up to where the light is.

QPQ – Thank you for joining the Quid Pro Quills today. Please let our readers know where they can find you and your books!






~ Pegg Thomas

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