Transition: The Synopsis

28 Mar

Your novel is complete. The submission guidelines state: E-mail your first chapter and synopsis to Will your synopsis capture Ms. Agent’s attention?

Your synopsis can sing–if you tune it. Don’t get trapped in these pitfalls:

A completed manuscript is squee-worthy. You’ve savored your celebratory bonbon(s) and posted your social media updates. Fact is, you’ve only advanced from the creation stage to the pitching stage. Think of it this way: You’re having a baby. The story is your gestation period, but the synopsis is labor. Grab a towel. It’s going to be messy.

My first chapter is so gripping, there’s no way Ima Agent won’t request a full.

I’m a writer. A synopsis is no biggie.
Condensing your entire novel into a few pages is difficult. An agent discovers your ability to stun and summarize in the synopsis. Can you afford to neglect it?

Take advantage of these resources to write a killer synopsis:

Chuck Sambuchino’s Synopsis Writing: Synopsis Writing

Tamela Hancock Murray’s Keys to a Great Synopsis: Great Synopsis

Camy Tang’s Structure/Synopsis Worksheet: Story Sensei

~ Jericha Kingston

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