Snot and Sin

24 Mar

Pegg10The capability of the human body to store vast amounts of disgusting material is amazing. You know this is true if you’ve ever dealt with a sinus infection or prepped for a colonoscopy. These things are not for the faint of heart!

I recently suffered three weeks under the mother-of-all sinus infections. It finally broke up amid hot compresses, antibiotics the size of suppositories, and enough hot tea to hose down a fleet of UPS trucks. As the bacteria withered beneath this onslaught, I began to blow snot like rodeo bull. I found the storage capacity of my sinus cavities alarming. If industrial strength Kleenex were on the market, I would have bought a case.

Another disgusting material our bodies harbor isn’t as readily visible, yet sin permeates the very fabric of our being. It fills cavities within us against our will. No hot compress will ease its pressure. No antibiotic will kill it off. No hot tea will wash it away. No amount of Kleenex will wipe it up. The only cure for sin is Jesus Christ and His cleansing blood.

I can mop up the results of one sneeze and stay clean until the next snot-rocketing blow, but this only works until the Kleenex runs out. Thankfully, Christ’s love and forgiveness never run out! When sin blows through our spiritual Kleenex, Christ is there to wipe us clean when we repent and ask His forgiveness. Dealing with our sin without Christ is like mopping up after a sinus infection without Kleenex – only messier.

~ Pegg Thomas

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