Not Again!

05 Feb

Marge13Have you ever made a mistake you thought was too horrible to crawl out from under? Maybe it was an intentional choice you deeply regretted afterward. Maybe it was something you did either through carelessness or ignorance and didn’t realize it until later, but when you did, you got that “oh, no, I did it again” kind of feeling followed by “why can’t I ever do anything right?” If so, welcome to my world. There are times when it seems as though I just recover from one mess of my own making to fall into another. I hurt others in the process when it isn’t my intention to do so. And the temptation is to draw tightly inside my little bubble and never emerge again—not only for my sake, but for those around me who are impacted by my foolish mistakes.

If we look to ourselves for comfort in moments like this, it will only make us more miserable. But there is marvelous hope. Romans 8:28 tells us: “And we know that all things work together for good to them that love God, to them who are called according to his purpose.” Isn’t that amazing? God can work all things for good, even our ugliest mistakes. Yes, our actions have consequences, sometimes very painful ones. But God is always in control, even when we feel as though we’ve just committed the worst mistake yet. He knows our thoughts and understands our feelings. Sometimes it’s in those difficult moments that He molds and shapes us. And through it all, His love is unfailing. What an awesome, awesome God we have!

~ Marge Wiebe


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