Is It Done Yet?

30 Dec

Pegg16I’m writing this blog post more than a month in advance of it being published.  Yes.  That’s the dirty little secret of bloggers.  We hammer these things out when we have time and schedule them to magically appear whenever we want, thereby fooling people into believing that we’re slaving way during the holidays.  Sorry if I just popped anyone’s illusion bubble.

As I type, my goal is to have my WIP (there’s that writer term again, meaning Work In Progress) finished by this date, December 30, 2013.  There.  I put it in print.  *gleep!*  Now I’m committed.  Feel free to comment and ask me, “Is it done yet?”

I’m embarrassed to say how long I’ve been working on this one.  And hopefully my critters won’t rat me out.  They each deserve a marathon metal, at the very least, for poking and prodding me along all these months.  I’m the tortoise in our group.  Perhaps a 3-legged tortoise at that.

~ Pegg Thomas

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