The Chase

11 Dec

Marge17I was scared silly. And it had nothing to do with my over-active writer’s imagination. It happened while I was on my way home after a busy day of shopping. As I waited at a stop sign, a truck pulled onto the street. Instead of driving past, it lurched to a halt directly beside me and the driver, an angry-looking man, proceeded to gesture wildly at me with his hands. I suppose any reasonable person in my place might have simply rolled down their window and asked what was wrong, but no, I put the petal to the metal and made my left-hand turn as fast as possible. As I glanced back, I saw the crazed driver turn around and come after me. I remember thinking, “You’ve got to be kidding me.”

Traffic in front of me crawled to a halt. With this angry guy only cars behind me, my only prayer was for God to please, please get me away from this man as quickly as possible. After all, if God could part the Red Sea, surely He could create a little wiggle room for my car to get through traffic. But when I looked in my side mirror, I realized my prayer wasn’t going to be answered. Striding toward me past the row of cars between us was the crazy driver. I was sure he was either drunk or on drugs. Or furious because I’d made some atrocious driving error I wasn’t aware of. I’d heard those stories about road rage. I gripped the steering wheel with clammy hands and prepared to die as graciously as possible. The man stopped next to my car. I thought he was going to slam a fist through my window, but he only motioned for me to roll it down. I did—about an inch. Then, he reached onto the roof of my car and took something down. My purse.

Sometimes in life we’re faced with scary, uncomfortable situations we want desperately to escape. And the answer isn’t always what we want. We don’t understand because all we see is our fear and uncertainty in that moment. How wonderful to know that God sees the bigger picture. His love will carry us through—and He may bless us in ways we never expected!

~ Marge Wiebe

PHOTO CREDIT morguefile

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