Critique Partners and Accountability

02 Dec

Pegg18What do critique partners bring to you in the way of accountability?  It’s like having a pair of older brothers – with guns – along on your first date.  Seriously.  You can’t get away with anything.  Critique partners, or critters as we lovingly call them, are there to keep your manuscript on the straight and narrow.

If you have a tendency to leave participles a-dangle, they’ll snap them into place.  Floating body parts cluttering your manuscript?  Your critters became re-attachment surgeons.  Critters will shoot testosterone into your wimpy hero and wash out the mouth of your over-sassy heroine.  Nobody performs an adverb-ectomy like your critters.  And don’t even think of slipping unnecessary backstory past these mavens of the manuscript.  They’ll dig and hack out extra words like a chainsaw through Swiss cheese.

At the same time, they will laugh with you, cry with you, pray with you, and encourage you each step of your writing journey.  Write without critique partners?  May it never be!  Long live the Quid Pro Quills.

~ Pegg Thomas

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